What’s the Difference Between Ring Video Doorbell 1 and 2

ring video doorbell 1 vs ring doorbell 2

I was recently thinking about buying a Ring smart doorbell but was confused about which one I should get, Ring Video Doorbell 1 and 2! So, before I buy one I did some research on my own to find out the differences between the two.

So, what are all the differences between Ring Video Doorbell 1 and 2?

The biggest difference between Ring Video Doorbell 1 and 2 is their video resolution. Ring 2 boasts a 1080p HD resolution while Ring 1 is at 720p HD. However, it is easier to change the Ring 2’s battery.

Ring 1Ring 2
Video Resolution720p HD1080p HD
Power SourceInternal BatteryRemovable Battery Pack
Field of View180° horizontal, 160° vertical field-of-view160° horizontal, 90° vertical field-of-view
ColorsThree Choices of FinishTwo Interchangable faceplate colors
Battery Life6 – 12 months6 months
Size4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 inches
12.65 x 6.17 x 2.21 cm
5.05 x 2.50 x 1.08 inches
12.83 x 6.35 x 2.74 cm
Issues?Several BugsN/A

When people consider buying a new device, they always assume that the newest version will always satisfy their needs better. When it comes to the differences between Ring 1 and Ring 2, there are very few I could find. How meaningful these differences are, absolutely depend on your needs of a new Ring Video Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbells

modern Ring Video Doorbells

video doorbells have become popular in the past couple of years that too in less time, which gives enough proof that technology is finally being innovated in such a way that allows having really cool, useful, and efficient tech advancements in the category of home accessories or in a broader term, Home Improvement.

Smart video doorbells are a must-have security gadget for your house and for people who want to give a try to this magical security system. With smart video doorbells, your sweet home will act as a smart home too.

Both the Video Doorbells, Ring 1 and Ring 2 to do the same job, to be an added security device and your excellent new toy that lets you can observe people who are at your door without even getting up.

Modern statistics show that thieves are more likely to avoid houses having security cameras as well as smart features such as smart video doorbells.

The Ring Video Doorbell is itself a proven and effective obstacle for burglars because criminals often ring household doorbells to check if anyone is home or not. It does not matter if you are at home or not, no matter where you are, the burglar will see your video camera doorbell first.

if the burglar is smart and he understood that he is already been caught on camera, he will surely choose to abandon his plan right that second. Even If he isn’t aware of the camera doorbell and still tries to continue his ventures, then you’ve got an identifiable video with the burglar caught red-handed. All you have to do is to ring 911.

Video Resolution

One of the eye-catching specification differences between the Ring 1 vs. Ring 2 video doorbell is clearly the video resolutions.

From 720p HD to 1080p HD was a big jump in the Ring 2. Ring 2 flaunts 1080p HD resolution while Ring 1 is at 720p HD. Moreover, it is easier to change the Ring Video Doorbell 2’s battery.

People who are searching for general protection through video doorbell should have no problem going with and purchasing the Ring 1. Because the end of the day the potential burglars will not have a hint about your video doorbell’s camera specifications. No matter which rings video doorbell you choose, I will suggest my readers go for one suits your needs because they are both top levels.

The output picture on the Ring 1 video doorbell is grainy and a little bit blurry, which is to be expected. However, this does not mean you can’t identify what is actually being captured by the camera in the image. Where the Clarity is missing, but it does the job. If you are looking for general security awareness of people, or any suspected cars, Ring Video Doorbell 1 will do the job.

On the other hand, if you are searching to purchase a video doorbell where you can see everything with better clarity and that can always help you identify who is coming to your door, then I will suggest you, go with the Ring 2 video doorbell.

Quality of live stream- The quality of live streams of both the video doorbell can be less clear than when you look up the saved video. This is mainly because of your WiFi speed. No matter which Ring video doorbell you purchase, either the Ring 1 or 2, if you are getting blurry images on the live stream, you should consider checking your WiFi speed and maybe also consider buying a new router.

Night Vission- Some Ring video doorbell owners who have upgraded from Ring 1 to Ring 2 have noticed better night vision on the Ring 2. Whereas the night vision technology was not changed at all in the newer version, but the most prominent difference you will face because of 720p HD and the 1080p HD difference. Even if The night vision image will be in black and white on both the Ring video camera feeds, but because the camera on Ring 2 got added clarity, the night vision does perform notably better.

Difference Between Ring Video Doorbell 1 and 2
Pic: Amazon

Power Source

Usually, both the doorbells have quite the same power source, it is just the trouble and pain it can cause when needed a recharge.

Both Ring 1 and Ring 2 video doorbells use rechargeable batteries to work and keep the live video running for you. There is an app called Ring app on which, you can observe the remaining power of your doorbells, and the app will also notify you when the Ring video doorbell is going to need a recharge.

Talking about recharge, the Ring 2 video doorbell has a better feature than Ring 1. Ring 2’s doorbell has quick-release batteries that mean charge it’s batteries without removing the whole device.

This was a product feature that was upgraded on Ring 2 due to lots of user responses on Ring 1.

People, who bought Ring 1 doorbell had to remove the device every time they had to recharge it, luckily, the device doesn’t need to be recharged too often, but no one likes this extra hassle when the recharging time comes close. The process is like uninstalling and re-installing the doorbell again. But believe me, the installation is really very smooth.

Ring 2 can likewise be powered by hard-wiring and no need to rely on the rechargeable battery pack. For people that go for this alternative, the installation can be a bit of a hassle, but later you’ll never have to bother about recharging those batteries in time.

Vision Range

The most important reason for owning a video doorbell is so that you can see everything near your door without opening it and get the best view possible from your couch.

But one “downgrade” that Ring 2 got from Ring 1 to is its field of vision. The Ring 1 has a 180° horizontal and 160° vertical field-of-view, while the all-new Ring 2 is having a 160° horizontal and 90° vertical field-of-view.

As per many users, the change in the field of view doesn’t bother them much because of the improvement in video resolution in Ring 2 video doorbell, which is obviously a bigger improvement.

But, why this change?

This downgrade means that for Ring 2 to capture anything, it may need to be closer to the door, and the footage will not be as wide as it was in Ring 1. However, in practical life, this change doesn’t have much of an impact.


When it comes to security, the price should not be the main factor between getting the product or not.

Your and your family’s safety is priceless. Security is that little boundary between being safe and not being safe. Dead, and not dead. So when it comes to family’s safety and you are giving higher priority to a green piece of paper than actual human life whether it be yours, your family, or other loved ones, you are breaking that thin barrier of being safe.

The Ring 2 video doorbell will cost you $199 bucks when you can get the Ring 1 at $99. So, the Ring 2 video doorbell is double the price. But, In the long run, both of those prices are super negligible. You can completely fit any of these purchases into your budget unless you are compromising with your family’s safety.

Battery Life

In the modern age battery life is a very important thing we all care about. No one wants their device to show, low battery all the time.

At the beginning of this post, I have mentioned that there is a hassle attached to the recharge of the Ring video doorbell battery. Surely, no one would want that hassle to occur often.

Luckily, the Ring 1 video doorbell battery can last from 6 months to 12 months depending on the uses, on one single charge. If you are always getting visitors at your place or the neighbor kid is always ding-dong-ditching, then your doorbell’s battery is going to go down a lot faster than the house owning the same doorbell but having fewer visitors.

But that doesn’t mean you have to recharge the doorbell batteries all the time, it only means that you have to recharge them in 6 months than the 12-month promising estimate by the Ring company.

On the other hand, Ring 2 has also claimed to have a 6-12 month battery life just like Ring 1. Sadly, many users report that the Ring 2 asks for a recharge in every 6-month time frame than 12 months.

But it is more likely to happen, as that extra video resolution does come at a little bit of a cost. As I already mentioned, Ring 2’s battery pack can be recharged easily than the Ring 1, therefore the battery life is not as much of a problem.

Users can always observe the battery percentage on the Ring app, and as the time of recharge gets closer, they will begin receiving alerts on the app.

Ring devices can endure temperatures as low as negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are thinking of getting a Ring video doorbell for you, where temperatures are higher (Arizona) or lower (Minnesota) that the regular temperatures, your doorbell battery will be draining much faster, and may not be sustained.


The Ring 1 video doorbell dimensions are 4.98 in x 2.43 in x .87 inches while the Ring 2 video doorbell comes at 5.05 x 2.50 x 1.08 inches.

The Ring 2 is bigger than it’s previous version Ring 1, but not too much.

The only thing you have to consider while buying the doorbell is knowing the precise measurements of the place you want to install the doorbell. If the wall-space to place your doorbell is more limited, then the doorbell may or may not fit properly. I will recommend you, bring out your ruler and take proper measurements before making a purchase.

Technical Issues

Ring 1 certainly went through lots of testing before it came into the market, but as it was the first of its kind product from Ring, there were obvious changes and improvements that could be done.

A lot of “bugs” were reported by the users of the Ring 1 video doorbell, and that is why they made sure to resolve those issues before they released the Ring 2 video doorbell.

The motion detection feature in Ring 1 was a little bit of an issue for users. Also, owners would often experience false alerts from Ring 1. There is an in-app setting to change motion detection sensitivity, still, the issue with the false alerts was not resolved for some users.

When Ring 2 came in the market, it came with improved motion detection sensitivity which helps users to do better sensitivity adjustment and get less false alerts.

Because both Ring 1 and Ring 2 are run on batteries, they used a less powerful motion detection technology but in new models of the Ring doorbell, this has been modified.

Bonus Addition: The Ring Video Doorbell Elite and Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Elite
Pic: Amazon

Recently Ring has also launched the Ring Video Doorbell Elite and Ring Video Doorbell Pro video doorbells.

These more modern doorbells certainly came with the top of the line features which are more adjustable and promises lots of improvements, compare to Ring 2.

The all-new Ring Pro gets power through Ethernet, which is currently the most high-speed video doorbell that Ring has to offer for their users.

While they came packed with modern features and improved usability, they have much higher prices too, compared to Ring 1 and 2. Therefore getting one is more of an investment.

Ring 1Ring 2Ring ProRing Elite
Motion Detection5 selectable zones and customizable sensitivity scale.5 selectable zones and customizable sensitivity scale.customizable motion detection zonescustomizable motion detection zones
Detection Angle180 degrees180 degrees160 degrees160 degrees
Detection MethodInfraredInfraredCameraCamera
FOV Horizontal180 degrees160 degrees160 degrees160 degrees
PowerBattery poweredRemovable battery pack or hardwiredPower over EthernetHardwired
Price AmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ring video recording cost?

The fundamental plan costs $3 per month per camera or $30 per year for a single camera at a minimum. The protection plan will cost you $10 per month with unlimited cameras, or $100 per year( Better decision in my opinion)

How far can ring camera detect motion?

The Ring doorbell cameras can detect motion from 30 feet away. If you have a ring subscription, all the video footage will be stored for 60 days.

Is Ring protect Plan worth it?

The “Basic Plan” from the ring protect isn’t too bad, particularly if you only have a single camera device. The Basic Plan saves video footage in the cloud for up to 60 days. The cost for this service is only $3 per month or $30 annually. That’s a fair price for this duration of storage, So, I would say it totally worth it.

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