5 DIY Inexpensive Home Security hacks under $20

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The feeling of knowing that your house is safe and secure is great feelings, but I don’t like the idea of spending $80/month on a home security system. In recent days monthly expenses can grow up to such level so fast that it feels like you are not even getting a paycheck anymore. As soon as you get a paycheck, everything goes on paying bills, and this extra $80-100 monthly on a security system can feel a lot to bare even if it is a matter of your and your family’s security. Because there is a very thin line between being safe and not being safe.

So, I started researching some useful security measures that I can take for my house but without making a big hole in my pocket. And guess what! I set out to make my home Extra safe than with a security system, that even at a lesser cost, and I think I’ve succeeded.

Here are the products that helped me secure my house in less than $20 which I call DIY Inexpensive Home Security hacks.

  • Window and Door Alarms
  • Brace to Secure Sliding Doors
  • Fake Home Security Signs
  • Dummy Home Security Cameras
  • Door Stop Alarm
  • Motion Sensing Spotlight

Stay with me through the article to acquire some knowledge on how you can use some or all of these inexpensive hacks to better secure your home for around $20 or less each!

Window and Door Alarms on the Cheap

Cost: About $20

Time to Install: Maximum 10 minutes

Windows are common entry points for thieves, and these windows on the second floor of the house can be extremely dangerous around naughty kids if you forget to lock the window. There can be an accident. In fact, my own grandnephew fell out of their second-story window and was seriously injured last year.

Window and Door Alarms on the Cheap

So, we purchased these door and window alarms (actually we bought a few sets) and put them on every door and window in the home. Whenever someone tries to open a window in the house, very loud alarm sounds. On the other hand, you can set the door alarm to chime or alarm. My wife always set them to chime so she knows if a kid opens the door when she is busy in the kitchen.

You can buy these excellent small yet useful and reasonable alarms for around 20 bucks on Amazon (click the link to check the current price), which is WAY cheaper than paying for a “real” home security system, or we like to call it a “real ripoff” system.

Secure the Outside Sliding Glass Door

Cost: About $15

Time to Install: Less than 30 seconds

If you have a sliding glass door on the porch, certainly, it is the least secure entry point to your home. All a burglar has to do is to push up on the door from the outside with a crowbar, and gently push in. That lifts the door off its track and in seconds the burglar is in your house.

dual-function bar to protect sliding doors

Do not panic, because now you can secure your sliding glass door very easily, and it’ll only cost you $15. MasterLock makes an EXCELLENT dual-function bar to protect sliding doors. You can check its current price on Amazon by clicking here.

You should also check out our article on How to Secure Outside-Track Sliding-Glass Doors.

Watch this 30-second video clip to see how easy it is to break into a sliding glass door…

Fake Home Security System Sign

Cost: About $10

Time to install: 2 minutes

You never know if your house will ever get robbed by criminals or not. There may be thousand of houses and so they have thousands to choose from. Still, to be on safe side you can do something to the outside of your home to alert criminals that your home is not a good choice, may be that will be enough to drive them elsewhere.

I have installed a fake security sign in my front yard for specifically this reason. This fake security sign gives me benefits of a home security system without the ridiculous monthly cost.

Fake Home Security System Sign

Though I would say an original security system comes with lots of safety features and if you have children you should consider getting one regardless of the price, as your loved ones are priceless. Check out this article on the Difference Between Ring Video Doorbell 1 and 2, and why you should get one.

Ok, so coming back to our main topic, you can check the current price of the home security system sign that’s available on Amazon under $20.

Dummy Security Cameras

Cost: About $10

Time to install: Less than 15 minutes

Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera

Similar to the fake security system sign, the fake cameras serve the same purpose, diverting burglars’ intentions to get close to your house. Setting up two or three of these fake security cameras around your house, in places that will grab other’s attention can be a powerful deterrent.

I just love this camera because it has that little blinking LED light that gives it a super original feel. For me, the light lasted about 10 months before I had to change the AA battery (which was very cheap). I still have 3 of these installed around my home and we never had a break in.

Get this dummy security camera over on Amazon.

Outdoor Motion-Sensing Spotlight

Cost: About $15 for the one I like

Time to install: Less than 10 minutes

Believe me or not, this product has more than 5 Thousand 5-star reviews on Amazon, and I’ll also add one more 5-star rating to that.

Outdoor Motion-Sensing Spotlight

All you have to do is simply screw this into the side of your home or wherever you want to place it. In my case, I placed it near my front door sidewalk. It’s powered by batteries so you don’t need an electrician to do the setup, and the batteries in this thing last for a long time.

Anytime motion is sensed at night, the spotlight turns on. Burglars don’t like the attention it puts on them, and will likely leave your house and will go look for a darker home to rob.

This product also comes handy when you walk outside at night, it lights things up for you. You can also add more of these near the pool area or backside door. The light is pretty bright too.

Click here to get the Mr. Beams light on Amazon.

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