How to Secure Outside-Track Sliding-Glass Doors?

how to secure outside-track sliding-glass doors

If you have a sliding glass door outside in the patio and for that obvious reason you’re concerned about its security, then you have to have something to block it and make it totally safe from the burglar’s hand.

Sliding doors are one of the most unprotected and vulnerable entrance points into our houses. The locks that come with the sliding doors are next to nothing to burglars, looking to break in.

You should check the video below to see how easy it is to break into a sliding glass door. If you have a glass sliding door or thinking to have one soon, you have got to make some arrangements to fortify it. Otherwise, it will be a total security threat to your loved ones.

If you are getting worried after watching the video, let me assure you that there is also good news for you and for me too. The good news is that these glass sliding doors also easy to secure. Yes, you heard me right.

If you want to secure your glass sliding door without paying big bucks, we have already covered that in an article about Home Security Hacks for Under $20. But if you want to make your sliding door very safe so that you and your family can feel protected, check out these options that are not only reasonably priced also they do their job perfectly!

Security Bars or Barricades

The idea behind Security Bars or Barricades is that you actually make it so the sliding door does not slide open. Even if someone could trick the lock open as you saw in the previous video, they will never be able to slide the door open because there is actually something in the way.

This is one of the most used techniques to secure sliding glass doors. One of the most purchased items in the market for this is the Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar. This security bar has an adjustable length and so all you have to do is, just set the right length on the security bar and lay it in the slide track of your sliding glass door. With the security bar in the way, there’s no way that door can be opened by sliding.

Even if this product is good at what it does, my one and only complain about this type of product is that the bar can be bothersome for you and your family during the day when you’re at home and don’t want the rod to be blocking the door. You have to make a place to put that thing. The product is itself not that large, but you won’t want your entryway to be cluttered up. Always remember to put the bar on the sliding track when you leave for work or go to bed at night.

There is another, quite a similar option or alternative. This is called the Nightlock Sliding Door Barricade. This one is really a trustworthy product to have. It really does its job by restricting the unknown people from getting into your house through the sliding door. There’s no way anyone can make your sliding door open if you’ve got this door barricade installed, no matter what your door is made of. Watch this short video tutorial to learn how to install this product easily by yourself.

You can find a lot of fantastic home security products from Nightlock that don’t just alert you of invaders but they really stop people from entering your home without your concern. This particular product currently has a whopping 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars on and I think the price is very much reasonable for the work it does and does with perfection. Check out the current price on Amazon, by clicking here.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This Security Lock Patio Sliding Door Barricade works on door wall sliding doors that are installed on the “inside” track of the door assembly and will not work on the door wall sliding door that is mounted on the “outside” track of the door assembly.

There is no downside of this product except one, and that is as same as the Security Bar. But on the other hand, this product is smaller, less noticeable, and less bulky than the security bar. You have to remove it during the day from the sliding track in order to open the door and then reinstall it when you want to leave the house or at night before going to sleep. The best thing, in this case, the object is much smaller than the security bar.

Reinforce the Glass Door

If your goal is to stop people from opening the sliding door without your concern then, security bars and barricades are the best options to go with. But what about those trouble makers, who would just break the glass by throwing something straight to your door?

These days, most of the modern sliding glass doors are made with double pane glass, that’s pretty strong and really loud if broken. So most burglars won’t choose that way in fear of being noticed by homeowners or the neighbors. But you should never take a chance because there can be some bold burglars, I will suggest you, use reinforced glass, or put a layer or film on the glass that makes it unbreakable and resistant to medium hit.

You can always change the sliding door glass out with a stronger glass that’s more resistant, but that will be an expensive business. You can even replace your door with one that already has reinforced glass but that’s also a costly alternative as well as you need to find one of the same size of your doorway.

One more effective thing to do is to add a window film to the door glass that holds the glass together, even when it gets broken.

burglar proof sliding glass doors

This can be a big disadvantage for the intruder to enter through that broken glass door, which will probably take several minutes because of the film used on the glass. In the meantime, the police will probably arrive. So, this is an effective security measure you can take.

If you’re thinking of putting window film to your sliding glass door, or glass windows, I will suggest this BDF S8MC Window Film, which coincidently is used on my ground floor glass windows. This Window Film is 8 mils thick and will positively do its duty. You may have to give it some time and effort to install but it will well worth the effort.

Use Better Locking System

You may have already seen in the above video, that the locks that come inbuild in sliding glass doors are totally ineffective in terms of security. These kind of locks may work well for first few months but as time goes they get more accessible and easier to open from outside, without much efforts.

But the good news is that there are some reasonable and straightforward DIY alternatives for locking your sliding door.

You can actually use a bolt lock to lock your doors. This type of bolt lock will go at the top of your sliding door. All you have to do is to push the bold up and bam! your door is secured. There’s no chance of tempering with this type of bolt locks.

The one I have used for years on my front sliding door is the Prime-Line Products C 1259 Sliding Glass Door Handle Set, which is a good choice for this purpose.

Now let’s talk about the second type of lock which I really like and would highly recommend my readers. This one is a double bolt sliding door lock. The one that I have used is from a company called Cal-Tech, and believe me, this one does its job really well. So, basically, you have put the locking portion on the door at any height you want and put the other part of the lock which is a receiver, at the same height, but on the door frame. Whenever you want to lock the door, just slide the two bolts into the receiver and your door is protected.

double bolt sliding door lock

There is a solid reason that I like this double-bolt lock so much. Intruders can break the glass, they can tamper with the lock on the door and if they are actually smart enough, they can lift the door out of its tracks. With a decent crowbar, lifting the door out of its tracks is not as hard to do as you think. Having this double-bolt helps the door being physically attached to the frame while it’s locked, and that will prevent an invader from being able to lift the door out of its track.

The most excellent thing about these locks is that, like other locks in this list, you don’t have to remove and store any bulky parts whenever you need to open the door. Just slide the bolts out and you can freely open and close the door. You can click here to check the current price on Amazon for this product

Cover the Glass Door

No matter which option you prefer to secure your sliding door, But people can still be able to look inside your house through your sliding glass door. intruders can get a wide-angle view of your house through this glass door and they can plan their strategy and wait till they find the house empty. If the thieves can’t see inside, in most cases they will not take the risk of breaking in and getting caught.

You can always cover your windows and doors with basic coverings, that won’t cost you much but they’ll be helpful and worthwhile. For excellent window coverings, great customer assistance, and a long list of customization, I highly recommend I have found out that they make the most affordable window and door coverings and they have a 100% free replace guarantee for the wrong size or even if you don’t like the color.

Final Words

Burglars like sliding glass doors. First of all, most of these glass doors are usually in the back of the house, which gives them more privacy to break in avoiding neighbor’s eyes. And secondly, Outside-Track Sliding-Glass Doors are easiest to break in. So think about the security of your family and protect yourself.

sliding glass door security

I highly recommend my readers to cover their sliding glass door with a window covering. Whether it’s blinds or curtains. Secondly, you should get a better locking system for your sliding door. You can go with a sliding door barricade or security bar. Lastly, if the crime rate in your area is high, reinforcing the glass will be the best option for you in my suggestion.

No matter which option you choose to protect your family, always remember that there is a thin line between being safe and not being safe. Your family is your best treasure. so do what you think is best to keep them all safe.

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